Requesting Criminal History Records

Requesting Criminal History Records
We can only provide information on conviction(s) within the jurisdiction of the City of Missoula Police Department.You may obtain a copy of your Missoula Police Department criminal history record by completing the Criminal History Record Check Request, coming to the Missoula Police Department , and/or mailing the form and $15 record check fee to the address listed below.You should also include a notarized copy of your valid photo ID or passport with the request.Requests for criminal history and letter for immigration / visa may take three to five business days to complete.

We strongly encourage individuals who wish to request a record check on themselves or another party to contact the Montana Department of Justice, Criminal Record, and Identification Services as this information is public information and includes all convictions and arrests for the State of Montana.There is a fee for this record as well.

Please address correspondence to:
Missoula Police Department
Attn: Records
435 Ryman St.
Missoula, MT 59802