Current Projects in City Planning

 We also have a list of recently completed projects from the last five years. Below is a list of current projects:  

  • Annual Title 20 (Zoning) Update

      – On June 4, 2018 the Missoula City Council held a public hearing to consider the proposed amendments. After consideration of the staff presentation and report, public comment, and board discussion, the City Council approved an ordinance to amend Title 20 City Zoning: Proposed 2018 City Zoning Update Amendments. Adopted amendments are in effect and can be found on the City's web site under City Laws, Title 20. Please call the Zoning Information desk at 552-6625 with any questions regarding implementation of the new regulations.

  • Missoula Design Excellence -

    The City of Missoula along with a consultant team led by Winter & Company, will define a character management strategy. Visit the project webpage for details.

  • Replacement of SD-2 Zoning District - 

    The Missoula City Council is initiating an effort to replace the SD-2 zoning district with standard City zoning that more accurately reflects current land use patterns in the district see map. An open house will be held from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM Wednesday, September 19 at the Orchard Homes Country Life Club on 2537 S 3rd St W to answer questions and take comments from property owners and residents. 

    As both commercial development and traffic volumes in the corridor have increased over the years, the district no longer serves its intended purpose, and often precludes or limits reasonable development proposals for parcels in the area. 

    Depending on current and expected land use conditions, Missoula Growth Policy land use designations, adjacent land uses and expected future development, parcels in the SD-2 district will be reclassified in one of the following three zoning districts - B2, Community Business; B3, Mixed-Use Business; and C1, Neighborhood Commercial – which are commercial districts of varying intensity, all of which permit residential development as well. 

    For more information on uses permitted by City zoning districts B2, B3 and C1, follow the link

    If you have questions or comments please call Tom Zavitz, (406-552-6632) email:

    If anyone wishing to attend this meeting needs special assistance, please provide advance notice by calling 552-6630. The City of Missoula will provide auxiliary aids and services.