Family Activities

View a family resource guide, choose from 25 things to do with kids, or explore ongoing activities for kids. .


Access the Missoula County Public Schools site or view the Make it Missoula preschool and daycare and K-12 schools directory.


View a listing of childcare providers in Missoula. Parents who are University of Montana students, faculty, or staff are also eligible for ASUM Childcare.

Missoula Aging Services

Visit the Missoula Aging Services page for resources for older adult family members.


Visit the Missoula Public Library or the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library.

Eco-Friendly Gardening

Explore Missoula's local composting project, Garden City Compost, learn about ecologically conscious agriculture at a Garden City Harvest community garden, or learn about sustainable living through the Missoula Urban Demonstration Project.

Get Involved!

Volunteer for your local government or a nonprofit organization.

Hospitals and Healthcare

Missoula offers a broad range of health services. Visit the St. Patrick's Hospital website or view a listing of healthcare providers.

Family Resources

For more specialized needs, visit The Parenting Place, the Boys and Girls Club, the Child Development Center, browse the Missoula Chamber of Commerce page for additional family resources, or visit Missoulacounty's website for information about family advocacy resources