Ropes Course Group Development & Team Building

Parks and Recreation offers unique team-building activities and opportunities for adventure and fun that utilize our challenge course and highly trained staff.

Our challenge course program is multi-faced. From focusing on team building or experiences built around simply to have fun, programs are tailored to meet the goals of your group. Four elements make up our program, games and initiatives, low ropes, climbing wall, and high ropes. 

Contact Recreation Specialist Tyler Decker via email to schedule your ropes course adventure today!

2021 Ropes Course Hours - Weekdays only
Spring hours through June 1110am-1pm or 5:30-7:30pm
Summer Hours through August 2010am-4pm or 5:30-7:30pm
Fall Hours until closure10am-1pm or 5:30-7:30pm
4 hours 1-15 participants$305
4 hours 16-30 participants$507
3 hours 1-15 participants$224
3 hours 16-30 participants$335
Birthday parties - max. 15 participants$200

High Adventure/Birthday Parties - 2 Hours

Ropes Course parties are great for birthdays or celebrations of any sort! Rates starting at $200 for up to 15 guests, includes 2 hours on the climbing wall and High Ropes Course. Ages 5 and up.

Games and Initiatives

Ice Breakers and Cooperative Games

Activities are designed to reduce inhibitions, have fun, introduce group members, warm up minds and bodies, and practice socialization.

Group Initiatives

These are activities that will challenge a group to pool their resources and work together to find solutions. These are done on all of our elements.

Trust Activities

These activities are designed to provide members the opportunity to demonstrate their trust in other group members through a sequenced progression of actions.

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Ropes 1
Ropes 2
Team Building

Low Ropes Elements

Series of elements 12 to 18 inches off the ground coupled with specific activities that invite participants to test their physical strength, stamina, agility, balance, teamwork, and communication. These elements are a way to bring your group together and witness the strengths of members. Our trained staff members provide debriefing sessions that help your group process the activity for maximum insight and growth. Groups come away from these elements feeling empowered and enthusiastic. 

Climbing Wall

Our climbing wall is an excellent addition to any challenge course program. A great warm up for the high ropes course, a perfect addition to the low ropes, and a great way to exercise and have fun.

High Ropes Elements

Series of elements 15 to 35 feet off the ground that requires harnesses and ropes to access. Trained staff will lead your group through a variety of activities initiating sense of adventure, personal success, and group support.

Challenge by Choice - The M.O.R.E. program works under the principle of "Challenge by Choice." Given that many of our challenge course elements put people in places outside of their comfort zone, our philosophy revolves around each individual having the choice to choose their limitations. This recognizes that for each of us, success is based on personal aspirations.

Packaging Options

Please feel free to contact us to ask which package will best fit your group. All options include the facilitation of games and initiatives, canopied shelter, refreshments, and trained staff. Times are approximate varying on weather, group size, and group goals. If you have a group of more than 40, call Meg for specific price options at 552-6271.

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