Ordinance and Policies (Cemetery)

Missoula Municipal Codes

Ordinance 3594

An ordinance of the Missoula City Council amending Missoula Municipal Code, Chapter 12.44 entitled "Cemeteries", generally amending Articles I and II pertaining to the Cemetery and the Cemetery Board of Trustees and creating a new Article III entitled "Cemetery Director".

Be it ordained that Chapter 12.44.010 through 12.44.340 Missoula Municipal Code be amended to state as follows: Article I. Missoula City Cemetery General Provisions (PDF)

  • Cemetery funding
  • Conveyance of assignment
  • Disinterments
  • Established
  • Fees
  • Grounds regulations
  • Infants
  • Interment arrangements
  • Liability
  • Location
  • Mausoleum section established
  • Monument placement
  • Niches
  • Permit for approved work
  • Purchases
  • Records
  • Reserve funds
  • Section
  • Use of bud vases on niche wall
  • Composition
  • Conflict of interest
  • Meetings
  • Organization
  • Powers and duties generally
  • Public record

Cemetery Policies

Missoula Municipal Code Chapter 12.44 outlines rules and regulations governing Missoula City Cemetery. In addition, Missoula City Cemetery Board of Trustees has approved the following policies and processes: