Current Projects

Fort Missoula:

Fort Missoula Hare Cage Completed

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As-Built Plans & Elevations
Demo. Update 2/20/17  
Demo. Update 2/27/17  
Demo. Update 3/24/17  
Demo. Update 4/4/17 



224 W. Spruce Street Completed
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111 North Higgins Ave (Florence Building) Completed
 - Staff Report

101 South Higgins Ave (Hammond Arcade) Completed
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Historic Preservation Demolition Ordinance Amendment

In Progress

The proposed amendments update and clarify existing language to Title 20.85.085.J: Criteria and Procedure for Review of Relocation and Demolition of Historic Resources - Historic Demolition/Relocation Permit. The proposed amendments were reviewed at the Land Use and Planning committee meeting on January 17th, 2018. The committee recommended Development Services send the proposed zoning amendments to a Planning Board public hearing, to be held on June 5th, 2018. The Agency Memo and ordinance can be viewed here.