Public Review and Comment

Public Hearings

The Missoula City Council held the final public hearing to review the proposed zoning overlay on Monday, December 17th, 2018, and voted 10-2 to adopt the proposed ordinance. The Missoula Consolidated Planning board had already voted on October 30, 2018 unanimously to recommend approval of the proposal.

Public Comment

The City of Missoula is no longer taking public comment on this item. Questions about the overlay can be directed to the Development Services zoning help desk at 406-552-6625,or by email at

Public Open House - Review of Proposed District Boundary Maps

Thanks to the people who participated in the recent Open Houses on October 16th.

Please continue to contact our office with any further questions that you may have about the Design Excellence overlay. 

View the information boards that were presented at the Open Houses (PDF).