MFD Recruiting & Employment 

Whether you are looking to start your career or looking to change your career path, becoming a firefighter can provide a challenging yet very rewarding opportunity for those interested.

The path to becoming employed as a career firefighter has several requirements. Below we have outlined resources and suggestions on how to become a firefighter along with our current employment process.

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Current Opportunities

The Missoula Fire Department hires as positions are needed throughout our department and budget allows. Below are the current open positions available at MFD. If a position is not listed (ie: firefighter), then we are not hiring for that position. Please continue to check back throughout the year or follow our social media for updates. 
  • No employment opportunities being offered at this time
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  2. MFD Firefighter Eligibility
  3. Application Process
  4. Testing Consortium
  5. Additional Testing

Whether it has been your lifelong goal or you just decided to become a firefighter, there is no doubt you will find this career path to be exciting and diverse! Physical fitness, teamwork, job security, and benefits are just some of the reasons why a career in fire service is rewarding. Here are some details on how to get a jumpstart on your career:

  • Obtain your high school diploma or get your GED certificate
  • Maintain a clean driving and personal record
  • Get involved in the community or with other fire service opportunities
  • Obtain your Basic EMT Certificate/License
  • Visit a fire station in Missoula or request to do a Ride Along

There are a number of local organizations that offer Basic EMT courses throughout the year. Here are a few:

firefighter in testing

Additional Information

  • If you are interested in employment with MFD and are interested in participating in a ride-along, please contact us at 406-552-6210 to request approval by one of our chiefs.  
  • Additional informational items regarding the test and testing process are available on the Public Safety Testing Website.
  • MFD's interview process is fluid based on the testing process and hiring needs.
  • Additional questions about the City of Missoula's hiring processes should be directed to the City of Missoula Human Resources Department at 406-552-6130.