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Ordinances adopted but not yet codified and emergency/urgency ordinances

Ordinance 3643:  An ordinance amending Missoula Municipal Code, the City Zoning Ordinance, to incorporate new section 20.25.035 /AR Adaptive Reuse Overlay.  (Effective 09/11/2019)

Ordinance 3636:  An interim urgency zoning measure amending Title 20, Missoula City Zoning Ordinance Section 20.50.040 Development Options, Sub-Section D:  Townhome Exemption Development to require additional review and approval procedures, clarify eligibility and submittal requirements, and establish additional development regulations for conditional use permit requests for townhome exemption development; amending Table 20.05-3 and Section 20.110.010 to provide greater parcel area flexibility for future subdivisions; and amending Section 20.100.010 General Terminology to clarify the definition of a lot. (Effective 05/06/2019)

Subdivision Regulation

Subdivision Regulations  

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