Right-of-Way Infrastructure Projects

The Infrastructure & Mobility—Engineering branch of the Public Works & Mobility Department works with other City department to identify areas in the city that lack right-of-way infrastructure, usually sidewalks. City engineers and planners look at factors including access to schools, neighborhood parks, public transportation, and other facilities that citizens would like to reach using pedestrian facilities, if they were available. They look at where sidewalks should be installed to complete this system of pedestrian facilities. They then make recommendations to City Council, which decides if a project should move forward by ordering the work to be completed or not.

When an area is chosen for sidewalk work, the City has a process for notifying affected residents of the work details and of their financial responsibility. To notify them, the City uses an extensive notification process that may vary slightly from project to project. (See the specific project below for details on how project information will be provided to affected residents.) To assist property owners with costs assessed to them, the City created a Sidewalk Assessment Funding Assistance Program (Resolution 8416), which is further detailed in Public Works & Mobility Administrative Rule 418, Funding Assistance for City Council Ordered Right-of-Way Special Improvement Assessment Program.

Eaton Street Project - Phase 1
Right-of-Way and Sidewalk Improvements

Location:   The limits of the Eaton St. Phase I project include both sides of Eaton St. from S. 7th St. W. to S. 13th St. W. and the south side of S. 10th St. W. from Eaton St. to Schilling St. See project location map link below.

Current Condition: Eaton St. emerged as a high priority for sidewalk completion for several reasons:

  • It is classified as a collector street as well as a designated transit route with several bus stop locations along the corridor.
  • It is a main north/south route in the Franklin to the Fort Neighborhood, which historically has been underserved with infrastructure improvements.
  • Recently, it has seen increased traffic volumes and a crash history that includes some serious injuries.

Description:   This project involves the construction of curb and sidewalk where none exists, curb bulb-outs at certain intersections, a sidewalk bridge, and culvert extensions at irrigation ditch sidewalk crossings. Boulevard trees are shown on the design plans, and they will be planted the year after construction of curb, sidewalk, and associated right-of-way improvements.

Benefits:  This project provides safe, convenient, and accessible pedestrian facilities along local, collector, and transit routes. It will connect the west side of the Franklin to the Fort Neighborhood to Franklin Park, Franklin School, and transit services.

Project Dates:  City Council made the final approval and awarded the construction contract to Knife River for this project on May 16, 2022. 

City staff will mail Letter #4 to adjacent property owners the week of May 23, 2022.

Next Steps:  Construction is anticipated to begin in mid-July with completion expected within 90 days. These dates are subject to change depending on unexpected circumstances, including inclement weather conditions and additional work needed to complete the project.

Other Information:

PWM Administrative Rule 418, Funding Assistance for City Council Ordered Right of Way Special Improvement Assessment Program (pdf)

Project Location Map (pdf)

Project Conceptual Plans (pdf)

Project Contact:   Mark Todorovich, Surface Project Coordinator, email: todorovichm@ci.missoula.mt.us, call: (406) 552-6098

Sidewalk Assessment Notification Process


Sidewalk Program
Public Works Committee Presentation
March 2, 2022

Sidewalk PW Comm Presentation 2022-3-2 Page Graphic_Page_01 Opens in new windowSlideshow Presentation (pdf)

Presentation Video Link


South Avenue Infrastructure Project

Location:  South Avenue from Reserve Street to 36th Avenue

Description:  The project will reconstruct South Avenue from Reserve Street to 36th Avenue. Improvements will include installing curb, sidewalks, drainage structures, bike lanes, trail improvements, lighting, center turn lane, pavement, utility relocation, and landscaping. Additional improvements, based on engineering analysis, may include but are not limited to an extension of the center turn lane west of Suzanne Court and signal modifications at Reserve Street.

The overall project is being divided into segments: 

  • Two segments are within the City's right-of-way
    • Segment 1 runs from Reserve St. to Suzanne Ct. and 
    • Segment 2 consists of the area from Suzanne Ct. to 36th Ave. 
  • The third segment of this project is in the County and includes the area from 36th Ave. to Clements Rd.  

For more information on the County’s portion of the project, as well as the combined County and City application for a Safe Streets for All federal grant for portions of this project, please visit the Missoula County Voice project web page at https://missoulacountyvoice.com/south-avenue-safe-streets.

Benefits:  The project will provide safety improvements for pedestrians, bicyclists, motor vehicles, and other transportation system users and improved access to Fort Missoula Regional Park, Big Sky High School, Western Montana State Veterans Cemetery, Community Medical Center, and the numerous area residences and businesses.

Project Dates:  To be determined and is dependent upon the outcome of the Safe Streets for All grant application described below

Next Steps:  City and County personnel are working together to apply for a Safe Streets for All federal grant, with the grant application due in mid-September. An open house will be held at the Target Range School library from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 7, to provide information on the project scope and to allow for public input on the grant application. (Missoula County’s portion of the project included in the grant application involves safety improvements on South Ave. from 36th Ave. west to Clements Rd. and on Clements Rd. between North and South avenues). This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

Project Contacts:  Kevin Slovarp, City Engineer for Surface Transportation, at SlovarpK@ci.missoula.mt.us or 406-552-6099; Aaron Wilson, Planning Manager, at WilsonA@ci.missoula.mt.us or 406-552-6668


Mullan Road Widening at Chuck Wagon Drive Project

Location:  In the right of way along Mullan Rd. at Chuck Wagon Dr.

Description:  City Street Maintenance crews will widen the north side Mullan Rd. to construct a turn lane for westbound traffic to turn onto Chuck Wagon Dr. Although construction work will take place in the right of way, the speed limit on Mullan Rd. adjacent to the project will be reduced from 45 mph to 25 mph during work hours as an added safety measure for our crews. The trail through the area will be open during construction.

Benefits:  The widened area allows traffic to decelerate before turning onto Chuck Wagon Dr. In addition, Chuck Wagon Dr. will be the detour route for George Elmer Dr. traffic to access 44 Ranch while the roundabout at George Elmer Dr. and Mullan Rd. is constructed.

Project Dates:  The project is in progress and is expected to be fully constructed by the end of August. This completion time frame is subject to change depending on weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances. If further information becomes available, it will be posted here.

Project Map

Project Contacts:   Brian Hensel, Public Works & Mobility Deputy Director—Streets, at 406-240-2742 or HenselB@ci.missoula.mt.us; and Kevin Slovarp, City Engineer for Surface Transportation, at 406-552-6099 or SlovarpK@ci.missoula.mt.us


Turner and Worden Streets
Mobility Improvements ProjectTurner Worden 5th Project Area Map

Location:  Both sides of Turner St. from Scott St. to Worden Ave., both sides of Worden Ave. from Turner St. to N. 5th St. West, and the east side of Holmes St. adjacent to the Community Gardens.

Description:  This project will:

  • construct curb and sidewalk where none exists,
  • install curb bulb-outs at certain intersections,
  • create new bus stops,
  • stripe new bike lanes on both sides of Turner St. from Scott St. to Worden Ave. and both sides of Worden Ave. from Turner St. to N. 5th St., including the atypical intersection at Stoddard St., and 
  • plant boulevard trees (likely the year after the surface construction is completed).

Benefits:  This project will provide safe, convenient, and accessible facilities for people of all ages and abilities to walk, bike, and take the bus across the Northside neighborhood between Scott St. and Orange St.

Project Dates:  The project is currently in the design phase. The City expects construction to begin in Summer 2022, depending on budget and current bidding environment. Work on N. 5th St. will likely be pushed out until 2023 to coincide with a water main replacement project.

Public Meetings:  Public meetings were held Dec. 9, 2021, at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. If you weren't able to attend either of these public meetings, links to recordings of the meetings are available below:

3 p.m.:  https://ci-missoula-mt.zoom.us/rec/share/YUr4C46F0ssnyih1cnmuA96NhjhRPGJSmHzFiwZwW_dPicXCan9IRgpIVh9uedCA.lR6Xj_uRR1jWoNLP
Passcode: EK+#6XyT

6 p.m.:  https://ci-missoula-mt.zoom.us/rec/share/JzHFQuDZoD6QUhBFOmAGCBlDhh0VaT5uUaLSp_HDhn3tLhZgo-FOh2eOfxqml9Zq.0VF2_r83Xr8CfO_3
Passcode: X381*Amz

Next Steps:  Please watch the meeting videos and then email or call Ben or Monte if you have any questions.

Public Process:  Below is a a link to information on the process the City will follow to notify property owners whose property is adjacent to this proposed project and who may have an assessment for a portion of the sidewalk improvements.

Sidewalk Assessment Notification Process

Other Information:

PWM Administrative Rule 418, Funding Assistance for City Council Ordered Right of Way Special Improvement Assessment Program (pdf)

Project Conceptual Plans (pdf)

Worden/N. 5th Intersection Drawing - Proposed (pdf)

Project Contacts:   Monte Sipe, Surface Project Manager, email: sipem@ci.missoula.ut.us, call: (406) 552-6092 or
Ben Weiss, Senior Transportation Planner, email: weissb@ci.missoula.mt.us, call:  (406) 552-6352


Ivy, Franklin, and Park Streets Infrastructure Project - Phase 1

Location: Both sides of Ivy and Franklin streets from 4th Street W to Plymouth Street

Description: The project will create a complete multi-modal connection from the south end of the Lewis and Clark neighborhood through Rose Park to the Riverfront neighborhood. This route serves as a Neighborhood Greenway, providing a safe, comfortable, and convenient connection to the trail network and the California Street pedestrian bridge.

Phase 1 of the project will:

  • construct new curb, gutter, and sidewalk where none exists;
  • replace hazardous, deteriorated, and non-ADA compliant curb, gutter, and sidewalk;
  • install curb bulb-outs at certain intersections;
  • install traffic calming circles at certain intersections; and
  • plant boulevard trees (likely the year after the surface construction is completed).

Benefits: This project will provide safe, convenient, and accessible facilities for people of all ages and abilities to walk and bike, as well as drive, along safer, calmer corridors. The completed project will better manage stormwater and drainage. It will also more fully establish appropriate on-street parking and add to the urban forest.

This project not only serves adjacent neighborhoods but also provides for cross-city travel as a central connection in our Neighborhood Greenway network.  

Project Dates: As of September 2022, the project is at the 30 percent design stage. The City expects construction to begin in 2024, depending on budget and bidding environment.

Public Meeting: There will be a virtual public meeting held on Thursday October 20, 2022, at 6 p.m. Please register for the Virtual Teams meeting through this link. If you are unable to attend this public meeting, a recording of the meeting will be available on this webpage.

Next Steps: City staff and the project consultant will continue developing design documents and working with individual property owners about any potential challenges to construction. Please review the Sidewalk Notification Process, located at the top of this webpage, for a more thorough explanation of the steps associated with this type of project.  

Other Information:

PWM Administrative Rule 418, Funding Assistance for City Council Ordered Right of Way Special Improvement Assessment Program (pdf)

Project Conceptual Plans (pdf)

Project Contacts:  Brandt Dahlen, Surface Project Coordinator, at DahlenB@ci.missoula.mt.us or 406-552-6087; or Ben Weiss, Senior Transportation Planner, at WeissB@ci.missoula.mt.us or 406-552-6352


Westside Area Mobility ProjectWestside Project Map Opens in new window

 Location: The area bounded by Orange St. on the east, Railroad St. on the north, Scott St. on the west, and Broadway on the south. 

 Description: This project is intended to improve access, mobility, and safety to and through the part of the Westside neighborhood immediately adjacent to Downtown. Over the course of several phases, this project will:

  • construct sidewalks where none exist
  • repair and replace broken and hazardous sidewalks
  • add bike lanes to Spruce St
  • add curb bulb outs to Alder St
  • reconfigure Alder St to include angled parking
  • reconfigure the intersection of Alder/May/Toole/Railroad/Milton 
  • reconfigure the intersection of Alder/N Orange
  • improve pedestrian crossing at Alder/Orange
  • improve pedestrian crossing at Owen/Broadway
  • improve pedestrian crossing RR bridge (if/when pedestrian bridge connection is made)
  • improve connection to Northside pedestrian bridge
  • repair curb, gutter, and roadway where needed

Benefits: The Westside is a gateway to Downtown, a regional destination in and of itself with the hospital, grocery store, and budding commercial establishments, and a vibrant neighborhood with a wide variety of housing types that reflects the character and diversity of Missoula as a whole. This project will make it safer, more comfortable, and more convenient for people of all ages and all abilities to walk, bike, ride the bus, or drive, whether they are staying in the Westside or connecting to another part of town.     

Project Dates: The entire project is still in the design phase, though the City is planning to construct some elements in summer 2022. These include some pavement maintenance and striping reconfigurations. We expect full construction on hardscape elements to begin in summer 2023 and extend through summer 2024. 

Public Meetings: Two virtual public meetings were held on March 16, 2022, at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. to discuss general information about the entire project and details about the first phase scheduled for summer 2022. 

Westside Area Mobility Project March Virtual Meeting Presentation

For the 3 p.m. meeting, no recording is available, but meeting notes were taken:  Westside Mobility Meeting Notes 3-16-2022.

The 6 p.m. meeting was recorded, and a link to the recording and the password are provided below: 

passcode:  MG5VA$C# 

Additional meetings will be held as the project moves forward and more design details become available. 

Next Steps: City staff will evaluate feedback from the March 16 meetings and incorporate it into plans for maintenance and striping later this summer. Additional elements of the project will be further scoped and refined in spring/summer 2022, with more formal design on future phases taking place in summer/fall 2022. 

Public Process: There will be neighborhood meetings and invitations for input as each project element is developed. 

Other Information:  

Spruce & Alder Streets Design Concepts (pdf)

Broadway-Owen Intersection Design Concept (pdf)

Project Contacts:   Monte Sipe, Surface Project Manager, email: sipem@ci.missoula.ut.us, call: (406) 552-6092 or
Ben Weiss, Senior Transportation Planner, email: weissb@ci.missoula.mt.us, call: (406) 552-6352