Right-of-Way Infrastructure Projects

  1. Ivy, franklin & park sts infrastructure phase 1 

Ivy, Franklin & Park Streets Infrastructure Project Phase 1

Location:  Both sides of Ivy and Franklin Streets, from 4th Street W to Plymouth Street

Description: The Ivy, Franklin & Park project will create a complete multi-modal connection from the south end of the Lewis and Clark neighborhood through Rose Park to the Riverfront neighborhood. This route serves as a Neighborhood Greenway, providing a safe, comfortable, and convenient connection to the trail network and the California Street pedestrian bridge.

 Phase 1 of the project will:

  • construct new curb, gutter, and sidewalk where none exists;
  • replace hazardous, deteriorated, and non-ADA compliant curb, gutter, and sidewalk;
  • install curb-bulb outs at certain intersections;
  • install traffic calming circles at certain intersections;
  • plant boulevard trees (likely the year after the surface construction is completed).

Benefits:  This project will provide safe, convenient, and accessible facilities for people of all ages and abilities to walk and bike, as well as drive along safer, calmer corridors. The completed project will better manage stormwater and drainage. It will more fully establish appropriate on-street parking and add to the urban forest. This project not only serves adjacent neighborhoods but also provides for cross-city travel as a central connection in our Neighborhood Greenway network.  

Project Dates:  The project is currently at 30% design. The City expects construction to begin in 2024, depending on budget and current bidding environment.

Public Meeting:  A virtual public meeting was held on Thursday, October 20, 2022, at 6 p.m. A recording of the meeting is available here.

Plan Sheets

Next Steps:  City Staff and their consultant will continue developing design documents and working with individual property owners about any potential challenges to construction. Please review the Sidewalk Notification Process, located at the top of this webpage, for a more thorough explanation of the steps associated with this type of project.  

Project Contacts:  Brandt Dahlen, dahlenb@ci.missoula.mt.us, call: 406-552-6087; or Ben Weiss, Senior Transportation Planner, email: weissb@ci.missoula.mt.us, call: 406-552-6352.

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  1. how are these projects chosen?

The Infrastructure & Mobility—Engineering branch of the Public Works & Mobility Department works with other City department to identify areas in the city that lack right-of-way infrastructure, usually sidewalks. City engineers and planners look at factors including access to schools, neighborhood parks, public transportation, and other facilities that citizens would like to reach using pedestrian facilities, if they were available. They look at where sidewalks should be installed to complete this system of pedestrian facilities. They then make recommendations to City Council, which decides if a project should move forward by ordering the work to be completed or not.

When an area is chosen for sidewalk work, the City has a process for notifying affected residents of the work details and of their financial responsibility. To notify them, the City uses an extensive notification process that may vary slightly from project to project. (See the specific project below for details on how project information will be provided to affected residents.) To assist property owners with costs assessed to them, the City created a Sidewalk Assessment Funding Assistance Program (Resolution 8416), which is further detailed in Public Works & Mobility Administrative Rule 418, Funding Assistance for City Council Ordered Right-of-Way Special Improvement Assessment Program.