Peer Support Team

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MFD's Peer Support Team members are trained MFD/Local 271 individuals who seek out and talk with other peers about behavioral health concerns and connect members with helpful services.  When a member or crew is involved in a critical incident, showing signs of PTSD, or has been involved in multiple traumatic dispatches, the Peer Support Team can provide confidential support by a trained Peer Support Leader or Peer Support Team member.

Any member of MFD/Local 271 can also contact any of the Peer Support Team at any time to discuss any behavioral health issues along with the member’s available resources.  Examples include: mental health crisis, substance abuse or misuse, general or acute stress, general mental or emotional health, or any other mental or behavioral health issues.

Nate Auge


Nate has been with MFD since April 2005 and holds the rank of 15YRFF

"I joined Peer Support with the hopes that we don't ever leave a member to deal with their trauma alone. It's been an honor for me to be a part of Peer Support and I am proud of how far we've come in 5 years. I still think we have a ways to go and can continue to better serve our members when it comes to mental health and resiliency."

Malcolm Edwards

Bio coming soon!

John Larocque

Bio coming soon.

Dave Smith


Dave has been with MFD since April of 2008 and is currently the EMS Coordinator.

"Over my time in the Fire Service our attention to firefighter mental health has not had the attention it deserved. When I saw the opportunity to help out with this I took it. It has been rewarding to help move this cause forward and witness real life success stories."

Jeremy Williams


Jeremy has been with MFD since September 2000 and holds the rank of Captain.

"I joined the Peer Support Team because it was something important we were missing at MFD that I felt I could help get off the ground. Being on the team has been a rewarding experience seeing the different ways we have helped people and opportunities to pursue more resources for our members in the future. Our Peer Support Team is a work in progress but with such strong support from our administration and the effort from all our Peer Supporters we will continue to expand and offer great resources for our members."