Peer Fitness Team

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MFD's Peer Fitness Team's Mission is to provide a pathway to healthy living for our MFD family by encouraging and demonstrating positive habits around fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness.

MFD's Peer Fitness Team members are trained  MFD/Local 271 individuals who stay connected and provide support to their peers in an effort to motivate each other to stay safe, healthy and active. The goal of the Peer Fitness team is to prepare each other for life--today, tomorrow, and into retirement.

Andy Drobeck


Andy has been with MFD since October 2007 and holds the rank of SRFF.

"I believe that physical and mental well being are paramount to achieving ones best self. Being part of the Peer Fitness Team positions me to assist in maintaining a fire department culture that also places these values as paramount, and allows me to help other members during their journey to living happy and healthy lifestyles."

Robbs Huus

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Robbs has been with MFD since September 2013 and holds the rank of SRFF.

"I joined the Peer Fitness Team to contribute to the health and well-being of MFD. Using the personal battles with injuries that I’ve had to overcome as motivation, I want to impart resilience and injury prevention through training to all of our firefighters. We are so much more than what our occupation defines. We are husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, athletes, recreationalists, and hobbyists. We need to be fit enough for all life has to offer and I want to help us get there ; living life to the fullest always."

Joe Waggett


Joe has been with MFD since October 2008 and holds the rank of SRFF.