Mullan BUILD Project

Missoula County and the City of Missoula combined efforts to apply for a Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD) Grant to make infrastructure improvements in the Sxwtpqyen Area, which is generally the Mullan Road area west of Reserve Street and south of Broadway. The project was awarded $13 million toward the infrastructure installation, including installing water and sewer utility infrastructure and road and trail construction. For project details and background information, visit

The week of November 21 through November 25, crews will wrap up work on the Mullan BUILD Project for the year. 


School is in session! Please be mindful of traffic, bicyclists and children in the area.


 Mary Jane Boulevard North

Most of the Mary Jane North project improvements are complete for this construction season.

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) has a separate project on West Broadway, and crews are installing a signal at the intersection of Mary Jane Boulevard and West Broadway, weather permitting. The MDT project also includes improvements at the intersection of Flynn and West Broadway, requiring traffic control along West Broadway.  Please follow traffic sign information for detours and local access. Please drive the posted speed limit and watch for workers and equipment near the roadway. Questions? Please contact

Mary Jane Boulevard South & Roundabout

Traffic is now entirely on the roundabout. The roundabout is fully open and Mary Jane Blvd provides a connection to Broadway St. As weather permits, crews will continue working outside curb and gutter and start installing initial lighting facilities. Due to delayed deliver of the streetlights, they will be installed in January 2023. 

George Elmer Drive & Roundabout

Crews paved the first lift for the eastbound traffic, and the second lift will be paved in the spring of 2023. Crews have also paved Marie Drive and completed the frontage road. The George Elmer Drive roundabout is now fully open in its winter configuration. George Elmer Drive between Pius Way and Abby Lane is also planned to open soon.

England Boulevard

Shaping and grading of the existing ground will continue next year, along with installation of curb, gutter, and pavement. Due to cold weather and snow, roadway improvements along England Boulevard between George Elmer Drive and Flynn Lane will pick up again in 2023.


As mentioned above, Mullan Road's two roundabouts are almost fully completed! The lighting, sidewalks, landscaping, and RRFBs (rectangular rapid-flashing beacons) at both roundabouts still need to be installed, and some paving, curb, and median islands still need to be installed on the George Elmer roundabout. While some improvements are still to come, the roundabout are fully operational at this point. 

Roundabouts move traffic efficiently. As a reminder, please slow down, yield, and look left when approaching the roundabout. Drivers within the roundabout have the right of way. Once clear, enter the roundabout. Prior to exiting, put your blinker on to indicate to other drivers where you intend to exit the roundabout. The idea is that movement occurs continually through the roundabout to keep traffic flowing. 

Please prepare for 10-20 minutes of delays when traveling through any of the above work zones.

Please feel welcome to email me at with any questions or feedback.

Additional project resources are available on the Mullan BUILD webpage: