Growth Policy 5-Year Review

Every five years, cities are legally mandated to review their Growth Policy and determine whether it should be changed or updated. 

What is a Growth Policy? 

The Growth Policy is the foundational policy that cities use in Montana to implement land use strategies - for example, issue plans like the Long Range Transportation Plan - and regulations, e.g. zoning and subdivision regulations. The policy is generally responsible for guiding planning for future urban growth over the next 20-years. To learn more about the Growth Policy, visit the Important Links tab on the side of the page.

Why the Review? 

State law requires that every 5-years, cities review their growth policy, and consider whether it still accurately reflects their community's vision. Missoula is experiencing a variety of challenges and pressing issues. This is an opportunity to step back, and take stock of how the Growth Policy is holding up in the face of recent change and challenges.

What is Involved in the Review? 

The basis for reviewing the Growth Policy is described here in the Growth Policy itself, and consists of nine evaluation criteria:

  • Changes in the legal framework regarding Growth Policy or its implementation;
  • Significant changes in existing conditions and projected trends;
  • Changes in the circumstances upon which the goals and objectives are based;
  • Changes in community goals;
  • Degree to which meeting goals and objectives have been met;
  • Completion of implementation strategies;
  • Deviation from implementation timetable;
  • Public input suggesting the need to make changes; and,
  • Knowledge of specific and identifiable amendments that would improve the Growth Policy’s usefulness, so that it better serves the public.

What Did the Review Find?

This is the City’s initial assessment of the Growth Policy, based on the review criteria listed above, and concludes with a determination on whether updates to the Growth Policy are warranted. Spoiler alert, the determination is that, yes, it does!

Report Supplemental Materials (Appendix A-G): These documents include a recommendation for future updates to the Growth Policy, and supplement the evaluation contained in the report.

All of these documents, the Review Report and Supplemental Appendices, can be found in the sidebar of this page. 

Review Report