Available Maps

Many of these maps are also available for purchase in hard copy at Development Services in City Hall.
  1. Administration Boundaries
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Mapping Data
  4. Parks & Trails
  5. Planning Maps
  6. Transportation
Map Description

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Annexation Resolution Map

Shows annexations by date and resolution number. 42 x 42

Bear Buffer Zone

Map of area for special provisions for the accumulation and storage of garbage. 8.5 x 11

City Limits

Streets, rivers, features, boundaries, etc.

42 x 42

8.5 x 11

City Limits - Parcels

City Limits with ownership parcel boundaries. 42 x 42

Neighborhood Council Districts

Shows boundaries of neighborhoods in Missoula. 42 x 42

Parking Commission Jurisdiction

Missoula Parking Commission jurisdiction boundary and parking areas. 8.5 x 11


City Council ward boundaries 42 x 42

Wastewater Service Area

City sewer service area boundary with city limits, streets, rivers, etc.

8.5 x 11