Where can I do Anger Management?

In Missoula, there are several providers that are the court routinely refers defendants who have been ordered to complete Anger Management counseling to: 

  • C.A.V.E. (Community Awareness in Violence Education) Brad Boylan, LCPC 500 N Higgins #109 Phone: (406) 239-9911 
  • Laurie Bogart, LCPC 500 N Higgins #109 Phone: (406) 493-7313
  • Dr. Q Counseling (Dr. Q Hehn, LCPC) 725 W Central Ave #209 Phone: (406) 542-0900
  • Choices for Change (Nancy Smith, MSW, LCSW, LAC 304 Fourth Ave E Superior, MT Phone: (406) 822-5422
  • MAN.UP.RIGHT (Warren Michelson, LCSW) 336 W Spruce St Phone: (406) 546-9033 
  • Michael English, LCSW 1406 S 1st Hamilton, MT Phone: (406) 363-0929 
  • Winds of Change 2685 Palmer St #301 Phone: (406) 721-2038 (Medicaid accepted) 

Defendants may also go to another counselor of their choice and must provide the counselor's name, address and phone number to the court. If ordered to complete Anger Management, defendants must complete as ordered at sentencing.

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