Will I need a change-of-use?

A change-of-use permit is a commercial building permit that changes the use of an existing building or tenant space from one approved use/occupancy classification to another as described in the International Building Code. It compares the code requirements of the existing use to the requirements of the proposed use and demonstrates how the building or tenant space meets the code requirements for the new use – any code deficiencies will need to be corrected prior to occupying the space/changing the use.

A change-of-use is required for all commercial cultivation and extraction facilities even if the last approved use of the space was the same. This is because the operations and intensity of each individual facility or business owner vary and there may be an increase or decrease in canopy size or the Max Allowable Quantity (M.A.Q.) of solvents or combustible fibers (drying/processing) in each control area etc. 

When will the Building Department NOT require a change-of-use to obtain a 420 license?
Please be aware, a change-of-use permit is required in almost all situations except for dispensaries moving into a space most recently permitted as a retail location (Mercantile Occupancy – M.) 

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