How are Business License fees calculated?

General, Contractor, 420 Cannabis, and Liquor Licenses are based on the number of "FTE" or Full Time Equivalent Employees. You will need that number in order to calculate your fees. The minimum fee is equivalent to 4 FTE and the maximum fee is reached at 85 FTE. the FTE is different for new license applications and for renewals. The fee per FTE is multiplied by the FTE you provide to calculate the yearly renewal fee (with a minimum equal to 4 FTE). 

To calculate your FTE, take the total hours worked for all employee/owners in a week and divide by 40. For example, the owner usually works 40 hours, and oyu have two employees that both usually work 20 hours. (40+20+20) / 40 = 2. You should calculate fees based on 2 FTE.

Itinerant Vendors pay a flat fee based on the length of their license (1 week, 90 day, full year) and annual renewal.

Commercial Rental Licenses (Rental of Retail, Wholesale, or Warehouse Space) are based on the square footage and use (Retail/Office or Wholesale/Warehouse). You will need the square footages and use in order to calculate your fees. Minimum and maximum fees apply. New commercial rental license fees consider the size and have set tiers to determine the fee per square foot. Renewals have a flat fee per square foot. 

Market Events are based on the number of booths or tables. There is a minimum fee of 4 tables/booths to a maximum of 50 tables/booths. The yearly fee amount is multiplied by the quantity of tables/booth you provide.

Tourist Home Registrations pay a flat fee for new license applications and for renewals. 

Some businesses may have additional fees, including but not limited to, Background Check Application processing, Pawnbroker Endorsement, and Sidewalk Cafe Endorsement. 

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