What are the dates, times and locations for city council meetings?
The City Council meets the first four Mondays of each month, except for legal holidays. The meetings are held in the City Council Chambers located at 140 W. Pine Street, and they begin at 7 p.m. The City observes the following legal holidays:

New Year's Day—January 1st
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day—the third Monday in January
President's Day---the third Monday in February
Memorial Day—the last Monday in May
Independence Day—July 4th
Labor Day—the 1st Monday in September
Columbus Day—the 2nd Monday in October
Election Day—the 2nd Tuesday in November, even numbered years
Veteran's Day—November 11th
Thanksgiving Day—the fourth Thursday in November
Christmas Day—December 25th

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2. What are the dates, times and locations for city council meetings?
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