Tax & Fee Information

Property Tax Information

Appraisal Notices

The Department of Revenue, a division of the State of Montana's government, determines the market value of residential and commercial property once every two years.  The value of your property directly affects the property taxes you pay to schools, Missoula County, and the City of Missoula.  The notices for the 2019-2020 appraisal cycle are mailed in June 2019, with a 30-day protest period.  Learn more about your appraisal notice and protest options from the Montana Department of Revenue.

Property Tax Bill

Local taxing jurisdictions (local schools, Missoula County, and the City of Missoula) set their budgets and send millage rate information to Missoula County, which mails tax bills for all jurisdictions.  The bills are mailed in October and taxes are due at the end of November and the end of May.  View or pay your property taxes on Missoula County's website.  Be certain to click the button to view the pie charts, which illustrates where your taxes are going.  You can also download an Excel spreadsheet to see details about your city taxes.

Learn More

City staff gave an in-depth budget and property tax presentation at the 2019 Citizen Academy.  You can view the slides (PDF) or watch the presentation.

Property Tax Relief

Some residents with low income may qualify for property tax relief from the State of Montana. 


Important Property Tax Dates