Adult/Teen Sports

Current Season Adult/Teen Sports
Soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball and more!

Get your friends and family together to participate in one of our evening adult sports leagues. Play the sports you love while enjoying and promoting healthy lifestyles with your community. All leagues are fun recreational leagues, with an emphasis on enjoyment of play, exercise, and being with friends. No alcohol or tobacco use is permitted before, during, or after any sports league. Email for more information.

Parks & Recreation Sports Philosophy

We’re dedicated to quality recreation experiences for players of all skill levels while facilitating a safe and fun environment and promoting good sportsmanship. We provide these services with an underlying belief that our sports leagues focus on a healthy level of competition, placing more emphasis on participation than winning and losing.

Captains/Free Agent Meetings

Captains meetings are MANDATORY unless otherwise noted. If team captain cannot make the meeting, a team representative must attend. Please see individual sports’ rules for the point/score-reduction policy regarding Captain’s Meetings. If a team misses their Captains Meeting, their first match will be awarded a sportsmanship rating of no more than 3. 

Free agents are invited, but not required, to attend Captains Meetings in order to find teams to play on and/or meet new players with similar interests.

Register Your Team

Registration forms are available at Currents or register online at Bring registration form and fee to Currents in McCormick Park, pay over the phone, or online. Registration must be received on or before the deadline. League space is limited; team registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Days/times are subject to change. Leagues may be combined and/or play on different days. 

Team Sportsmanship Rating (SR)

Teams awarded a sportsmanship rating between 1-4 for every game played. Ratings are entered and calculated on IMLeagues. To be eligible for season tournaments or champ nights, teams must maintain a 3 or better SR. Any team with an average of 2.5 or less will be subject to removal from the league and/or disciplinary discussions with the Adult Program Coordinator.

  1. Extremely poor sportsmanship
  2. Poor sportsmanship
  3. Good sportsmanship
  4. Fantastic sportsmanship

Forfeit Policy

A forfeit happens when teams are unable to provide enough players to field a team for their game/match. In the case your team must forfeit, please email or call Anna Bruning, Adult Program Coordinator at, 406-552-6664 at least 24 business hours prior to your scheduled game. This allows your opponent enough time to be contacted and informed of the forfeit. In the case of a forfeit, teams will be awarded a loss (see sport-specific rules for forfeit score) and lower SR. With 24+ business hours notice, the forfeit will be given an SR of 3. With less than 24 business hours' notice, the team will be given an SR of 2. Any team with an average SR of 2.5 or less will be subject to removal from the league and/or disciplinary discussions with the Adult Program Coordinator.


After the registration deadline, refunds will only be provided in full for extenuating circumstances or if the league/event is canceled. In extenuating circumstances, the refund is up to the discretion of the sports coordinator and may be returned at a pro-rated amount.

Gender Requirements 

  • CoRec: Has specific gender requirements per sport rules, see sport-specific rules for the number of players of a particular gender.*
  • Open: League has no gender requirements – may have an unspecified number of any gender on the team.
  • Women’s: Only players who identify as women may participate.
  • Men’s: Only players who identify as men may participate.

*Participants shall be permitted to participate in adult sports programs in accordance with the individual’s consistently expressed gender identity. Non-binary players are exempt from gender requirements.

Skill Levels

Skill levels will be in the league name/description. Players and captains should understand their skill levels and sign up accordingly. Please email if you have any questions about skill levels. Some leagues & tournaments may not have designated skill levels and be open to all levels of competition.

A: Advanced/Competitive. Players looking for strong competition, have foundational skills and experience playing. This is the highest level of competition that we offer.

B: Recreational/Intermediate. Players might have some prior playing experience, and looking for a more recreational atmosphere or moderate competition. 

C: Beginner/Novice. Players have little to no prior playing experience, looking for a learning or improvement atmosphere with low-level competition.


For accommodations related to access, please contact Anna Bruning at or 552-6664.

Hiring Sports Officials, site facilitators
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Quick and easy team registration

Register early, leagues fill quickly! Team registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • IMPORTANT: All players must sign in at and complete the waiver/sportsmanship agreement. Instructions (PDF) Questions? Call 406-552-6266.
  • Captain’s meetings are MANDATORY unless otherwise noted. If a team captain cannot make the meeting, a team representative must attend. Meetings will include sport-specific rules and rule changes, roster requirements, sportsmanship/player code of conduct, gym and facility rules and uniform/equipment requirements.
  • Current game schedules and information can be found at
  • Free Agents: Find your sport and league at to register as a free agent.
  • Depending on the number of teams, some leagues may be combined and/or play on different days.
  • Questions? Email us or phone 406-552-6266.

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