Funding Guidelines & Documents

Annual Unified Application Documents

The competitive Unified Application cycle will open in January 2023 for Program Year 2023, which runs July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024. Application materials are below. 

Please contact the Grants and Affordable Housing Trust Fund staff with questions.

Application Materials

Program Year 2023 Timeline

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Additional Funding Guidelines

URA and Section 104(d) Policies and Documents

General Housing Programs Guidelines & Resources

Annual Housing Assessment Report

Each year, Community Development produces a report tracking housing indicators, population statistics, and market information to guide annual priorities for funding. This report will also include information about outcomes achieved in the prior year through Trust Fund investments.

Affordable Housing Trust Fund Annual Allocation Plan 2022

Based on the information, feedback, and data collected through the housing assessment report and community needs assessment, an Annual Allocation Plan is produced by the Affordable Housing Resident Oversight Committee, setting goals for the upcoming fiscal year for Trust Fund investments.

Consolidated Plan 2019-2023

The Consolidated Plan for HUD-Funded Programs is designed to help the City of Missoula assess our affordable housing and community development needs and market conditions. The plan serves as a framework to identify housing and community development priorities and helps focus our CDBG and HOME funding.

Community Needs Assessment Report

At the start of our funding cycles, Community Development solicits public input to determine the most urgent community needs. The information provided via surveys, outreach, and/or public meetings guides how we distribute funds to assist low- and moderate-income residents of our community.

Program Year 2022 Action Plan

Our Annual Action Plan is an annual report that provides a summary of the actions, activities, and resources that will be used each year to address priority needs and specific goals identified in the Consolidated Plan and the annual community needs assessment.

Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER)  

Our CAPER reports on accomplishments and progress toward both Consolidated Plan and the associated year’s Annual Action Plan goals. 

Written comments on each of the above reports are solicited every year, and can be provided year-round by emailing Grants and Affordable Housing Trust Fund staff.

Information for Current Grantees

Thank you for partnering with us to ensure our community members have access to safe and affordable housing and the services they need to thrive. Compliance requirements for current HUD grantees can be found in the City of Missoula Grants Administration Manual. Compliance requirements for current Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF) grantees can be found in the AHTF Policies and Procedures.

Report Due Dates for Subrecipients

Quarterly reports are due on the following dates each Program Year:

  • October 15
  • January 15
  • April 15
  • July 15
Quarterly Report & Draw Request FAQs

Additional Funding Guidelines

HUD Exchange – CDBG & HOME guidance

HOME & CDBG Regulation Triggers

Guiding Plans and Documents