Pay Your Utility Bill

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As of January 1, 2023, increased rates for water, wastewater, and stormwater utility services go into effect and will be reflected in your utility bill. Missoula City Council adopted these new rates on December 13, 2021, under Resolution 8573. See the Utility Rate Schedule to view the updated rates.

Please call our Utility Billing Specialists at 406-552-6700 if you have any questions.

Combined Utility Billing

The City of Missoula's utilities began sending customers one combined utility bill as of February 1, 2021. The bill includes water, stormwater, and wastewater utility services charges. Customers are billed only for the services they receive.

Utility rates and ordinances are required to be adopted by City Council. To be notified of items being presented to City Council, please subscribe to Notify Me.

Have questions about your bill? Please call our Utility Billing customer service representatives at (406) 552-6700.

Pay Your Utility Bill

  1. Online
  2. Direct Debit
  3. Bank Bill Pay 
  4. Phone
  5. Mail
  6. Office


You can pay online through the Utilities Account & Payment Portal. Please follow the directions to access your bill. You will need a copy of your bill or your account and customer numbers. Visa/MasterCard are accepted and your payment will be processed through a third party vendor. A $2.95 transaction fee will be charged when paying online. 

Customers can request paperless billing once they establish an online account.

Account Deposits

Deposits are required on all tenant accounts at the time of sign up. 

  • $100 for Metered Water
  • $150 for Flat Rate Water
  • $150 for Flat Rate Water with Irrigation
  • $200 if customer had previous service with City of Missoula and was not timely with payments

Utility Bill Collection Process

Frequently asked questions about the recent changes to our utility bill collection process.

Non-Sufficient Funds Fee

A $30 fee will be charged for non-sufficient funds checks or direct debit withdrawals. Also, please ensure all bank account information is entered correctly to avoid the fee.

Utility Assistance Programs

Assistance programs are available to our water and wastewater customers who may need help paying their utility bills.


Services Provided

  1. Fire Lines
  2. Irrigation
  3. Public Fire Protection
  4. Stormwater
  5. Wastewater 
  6. Water

Rates are monthly and based on the water meter size, if the structure contains a fire line.

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