About Us


The Public Works & Mobility Department strives to ensure a high quality of life for Missoula’s citizens, visitors, and businesses by providing services essential for safe, healthy living and working environments as well as safe travel on local roadways. To accomplish this, the Department maintains and improves our infrastructure systems, which provide water, sewer, stormwater, and transportation services.


Public Works & Mobility’s mission is to promote a safe, healthy Missoula through the development of transportation and mobility networks and the efficient delivery of high-quality public infrastructure, utilities, and services.

Guiding Principles

  • We believe we’re better when we share a strategic compass to help us all pull in the same direction.  
  • We believe that everyone in our department contributes to our strategic direction. 
  • We believe we can collaborate and be decisive at the same time.  
  • We believe following up on action items means being accountable.

Public Works & Mobility Administrative Rules

Organizational Chart

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