Our Missoula Growth Policy

The ‘Our Missoula’ City Growth Policy is the fundamental document guiding growth and development in Missoula. Resident input flows through the document, providing continuity from the early education and engagement phases of the public involvement process through to developing policy directions, which empower community members with prioritized strategies and actions to reach a shared vision for the future.

The vision for Missoula in 2035, with supporting land use concepts, goals, objectives, and actions, is one of managed growth while meeting the needs of the community’s residents. Conservation of the qualities and characteristics that Missoulians value are fundamental to reaching a shared vision of a sustainable, livable community with a diversified economy, improved infrastructure, environmental quality, and affordable housing options for all.

'Our Missoula' Growth Policy


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Below are some maps used to develop the ‘Our Missoula’ Growth Policy

Land Use Map

Land Use Map

Missoula Mapping Hub

GIS Images

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