Neighborhood Profiles

City of Missoula Neighborhood Profiles

The City of Missoula established the Missoula Neighborhood Council structure in 1996 to strengthen and encourage resident participation in local government and to improve communication between neighbors and City officials. There are 20 neighborhoods in the city limits and 18 Neighborhood Council Leadership Teams (Northside and Westside are connected and Marshall Canyon is a preemptive council).

The Neighborhood Profiles included in this packet are intended to provide a snapshot of household and resident characteristics, livability indicators, and the natural and built environment that exist in each of the City’s neighborhoods. This document can be used as a tool to aid in understanding neighborhood characteristics by residents, organizations, and city staff and officials.

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The indicators and data points included in this report have been selected because they are often sought after by residents, and best help understand the composition and environment of Missoula Neighborhoods.

Data has been acquired through the Community Planning, Development, & Innovation department (CPDI), Montana Department of Revenue (DOR), ESRI Business Analyst, US Census Bureau, Missoula Organization of Realtors (MOR), Missoula Invest Health, and the Missoula Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).

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