Fence Permit Information


Development Services is responsible for the administration of the City of Missoula Municipal Code (MMC) Fence Ordinance (MMC 12.31 (PDF)) and related information regarding visibility obstructions.


The following information is available to help you through the fence permitting process:

Completed Applications

Completed fence permit applications can be emailed to coordinators@ci.missoula.mt.us, dropped off or mailed to:

Development Services
435 Ryman
Missoula, MT, 59802

Development Services is located on the first floor of City hall at the West end of the building.
Please do not send payment when submitting the paperwork.

Staff will review the application and notify you when the permit is ready to be paid and issued. 
Standard fence permit fees and conditions apply to fences constructed entirely on private property. Encroaching fences are fences constructed partially or entirely on public property (Right-of-Way) and require a higher fee and are subject to additional conditions and restrictions. The Fence Permit Application (PDF) is used for both standard and encroaching fences.


Additional questions may be best addressed by meeting with one of the Engineering inspectors at Development Services. You may schedule a meeting or ask questions by calling 406-552-6636.