Graves - $787

We are happy to personally show you the areas currently available for grave purchase within our beautifully manicured grounds. Please come visit with our cemetery staff for a tour specific to your needs.

Please review cemetery rules for: Purchases / Assignments (PDF) and Grave Ownership Rights

Springtime in the cemetery by Briar Diggs Photography
Bear in baby section
View of cemetery grounds in B Blocks



Additional costs: Opening and closing the grave, liner or polyvault, and second right of interment
Graves can be used for one or two people provided the cemetery has the proper assignment documents.  Use is restricted to one of the following:
     *One casket and one cremation
     *Two cremations
     *A mother and infant child together in one casket or vault


Donated by Cemetery

Available in: *Any grave available for sale in the cemetery
*Designated Infant Section (Block 41A) - smaller graves that are restricted to infants only and chosen in order of next available site.
Donated infant grave must be purchased at current market value when a second interment is requested in the same grave 
Additional costs: Weekday interment costs are waived.  Saturday interment costs are subject to overtime fees.


All monuments must meet cemetery requirements

  A temporary marker is placed on all graves at the time of interment but will not be replaced.
  Permanent monuments are strongly recommended to prevent unmarked graves.
Military: Military markers can be placed on a grave in addition to an upright stone when:
     *placed flush in front of an upright stone, or
     *attached to the back of an upright stone.