2020 May Preservation and Legacy Awards!

1920 - 2020 ~ A Century of Missoula Greatness

Announcing the 2020 Historic Preservation Awards - Call for Nominations! 

The City of Missoula Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) is proudly recognizing three individuals, organizations, or projects that provide excellent models for historic preservation. This includes individuals or organizations that have worked to enhance the character of Missoula's built environment or projects that have been undertaken carefully, considering their historic character and context. Possible projects have preserved, restored or rehabilitated historic buildings, or have constructed new and historically compatible additions. 

Can you think of a project that adheres to Missoula's history and serves to augment its historic character? Do you know an individual who has worked to better a property in Missoula? Have you noticed an historic building receive a little love? Lets keep this trend in action by celebrating those who have helped enhance Missoula's sense of place, and protect our historic fabric. 
Projects must have been completed within the past five years.

Nominations due March 30th, 2020

Preservation Awards Flyer 2020

The Missoula Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) announces Missoula’s second year recognizing local Legacy Businesses! 

The program recognizes businesses that were established in Missoula for 100 or more years and serves to call out longstanding, community-serving local businesses that so often serve as valuable cultural assets. The City intends that this registry of businesses be a tool for providing educational and promotional assistance to Legacy Businesses to encourage their continued viability, awareness and success. It also serves to promote Missoula’s heritage through an alternative lens, recognizing that our heritage is multifaceted, from businesses to music to buildings. Potential outcomes of the program include branding recognition, legacy business tours, walking maps, digital presence and partnerships with other Missoula entities and tourism.

Can you think of Missoula business which has been in operation for 100 years or more? Nominate that business now! This year the HPC will be awarding three businesses who have been an integral part the Missoula community for over a century. 

Nominations due March 30th, 2020. submit

Legacy Awards Flyer 2020.jpg