Special Events

What's a special event?
Special Use Permit

Special Events requesting public park areas for fundraising, a private business program, or other events require prior approval from Parks and Recreation. Special Events are any events open to the public at large. A Special Use Permit is required with a $62.50 or $104 per day fee based on group size and other applicable fees. The deadline to submit a Special Use Permit with the required insurance certificate is a minimum of 30 days before your event.   

Park Use Permit

Wedding ceremonies in public parks need prior approval from Parks and Recreation. A Wedding Ceremony Permit is required with all applicable fees. We register these events to limit the overbooking of facilities. Amplified sound is not permitted. The public has full access to the area during your event. Chairs may be used for the elderly and disabled, chairs must be carried in from the parking area unless the group obtains a permit through a Vehicle Access Agreement with the Missoula Parks & Recreation. This includes Greenough Park Footbridge, Memorial Rose Garden, Bess Reed Park, and other park areas which do not include a reservable picnic shelter. 

Greenough Park: Maximum 40 people. The designated event site at Greenough is the open space beyond the second walking bridge.

McCormick Park/Silvers' Lagoon:  Maximum 30 people, fee $130 includes dock and island area.

Rules and Fees

Sports Facilities Reservations

Reserve tennis courts, soccer, and softball fields. View information about sports facilities reservations.

Reservation Fees

The reservation fee must be paid at the time of booking; the facility is not reserved until the reservation fee is paid in full. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Cash, and Personal Checks. Deposits cannot be left in Cash.

Special Use & Park Use Permits have a varying price based on the estimated headcount of your event.

  • $66.00 per day for groups 100 or less in addition to other applicable fees.
  • $110.00 per day for groups 101- 500 in addition to other applicable fees.
  • $220.00 per day for groups 501 – 1000 in addition to other applicable fees.
  • Fee increases incrementally $110 for each 500 people added to group size.

Please bring a copy of your facility permit to your picnic as proof of your reservation.


Sorry, no refunds for inclement weather or smoke. No refunds are given if notification of cancellation occurs 60 working days prior to your event. A credit may be requested.

Any changes in picnic shelter dates or locations include a $10 administration fee. Refundable deposits are returned if the picnic site is picked up, no damage is done to the area, and your garbage is hauled away.

Check and credit card refundable deposit can be retrieved by calling Missoula Parks and Recreation two business days after your event at 406-552-6657. Credit Card Deposits are refunded by the Office the Tuesday after any given reservation. Refundable deposit checks that haven't been retrieved by November 1 will be destroyed.

Alcohol Permits

See MMC #12.40.040 Exhibit B for a list of Parks where alcohol is permitted. Possession and consumption of beer, wine, and hard cider are allowed for individuals or small groups of six or less without a permit, or for groups of seven or more with a permit, in parks listed in Exhibit B where a restroom or portable toilet is provided and available. Glass containers are prohibited.

Alcohol Permits have a $10 Permit Fee, plus a $50-$200 deposit depending on group size.

Fort Missoula Regional Park Alcohol Permits have a $50 Permit Fee.

You may purchase an Alcohol Permit online, or contact the Parks Office during Office Hours at (406)721-7275 (PARK).

Amplified Sound

Amplified sound is prohibited in parks with the exceptions below and further defined in MMC 12.40.065 #29 Exhibit C. Amplified sound is defined as any powered sound device with volume control.

Exception 1 - No Permit Required:

  • Small impromptu gatherings of 6 or fewer park users amplifying sound. Applies to the areas listed in Exhibit C as Type 2 community parks and Type 3 neighborhood parks.

    • Must be a minimum of 100 feet away from any residential housing.
    • Time duration must not exceed 1 hour.
    • Plainly audible sound needs to dissipate at a distance less than 25' from its origin.
    • Sound origination must be located no closer than 25' from the edge of the curb or sidewalk.
    • Amplification is not permitted during school hours if the park is adjacent to a school.
    • Amplified sound is permitted during the follow hours only:

      • Memorial Day to Labor Day
        • Sun-Thurs 11am-7pm
        • Fri-Sat 11am-8pm
      • All other months
        • 11am-6pm

Exception 2 - Permit Required

  • A fee-based amplified sound permit is REQUIRED for large events of seven or more park users as set forth in Exhibit C designated as Type 1 community parks and Type 4 neighborhood parks including the Bonner Band Shell, Fort Missoula Regional Park, McCormick, Playfair, Silver, and Memorial Rose Garden.

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