Connect on Sale

Background and Purpose

In July 2007, the City Council passed an ordinance to require properties that have sewer available to them to connect before the property can be sold or transferred. This ordinance is intended to help protect our ground water and river water and in turn our drinking water by having all plumbed buildings in the city connected to public sewer.

The city has filed Records of Non-Compliance on most properties that are not connected or where the connection record is questionable.

Important Points

  • This ordinance only affects properties inside the city limits.
  • "Sewer available" is defined as when any building, structure or exterior drainage facility connected to a building is located 200 feet or less from any public sewer system.
  • See Missoula Municipal Code 13.04.020 for complete text.
  • Some properties that are connected do not have a connection record.
  • The Wastewater Division can perform a dye-test to field verify the connection or lack of one for properties without a connection.
  • If sewer is available and your property is not connected, it cannot be sold or transferred to another party until the connection occurs.
  • It is the seller of the property's responsibility to connect it to sewer.

Request a Delay

The city engineer can grant a one-time delay of connection of up to six months. A delay request requires all of the following.

More Information

For more information on this ordinance, email Public Works & Mobility or call 406-552-6769.