Turf Management Plan

Missoula Parks and Recreation Turf Management Plan

2014 Turf Management Plan (PDF)
Vegetation Management In City Parks

On February 24, 2014, the City Council adopted the Parks and Recreation Turf Management Plan for City parks, commuter trails and City right-of-ways. The plan provides overall direction to the department in management of sports turf, parks and common turf grass areas to ensure optimum benefits to the environment and the community.

The Plan identifies best management practices and industry standards related to turf management, to maximize the safety, playability, health, economic, and aesthetics of City sports fields and parklands. It also identifies the many tools, including herbicides, which are critical to maintaining and developing healthy turf. Sustainability measures are included, such as identifying cultural practices in turf management, reduction in water consumption and selective, proper chemical application if needed.

Management plans assist the City in establishing expectations and in providing consistent, high quality services for citizens.

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