Downtown Employee or Resident Parking

Downtown Areas Map

The Downtown Areas Map above shows all of the managed parking areas in the Central Business District highlighted in different colors. There are several options for employees and residents to park Downtown. 

1. Long-term metered parking areas are shown here. These spaces are the least expensive option for those who live or work Downtown. Meters in these area require an access code that can be obtained through the MPC by filling out this FORM. The charge for parking in long-term areas is $1.00/5hrs or $2.00/day. Payment can be made using the access code at any meter in a long-term area or using zone 4062 on your Passport App. 

2. Leased parking options can be seen here. Leases range in price from $35.00/month for on-street leases to $85.00/month for garage leases. Lease parking is paid through invoicing monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. If you would like to add yourself to a wait list for a lease area that is currently unavailable, please click here.

3. Garage hourly parking (Central Park garage, Park Place garage, ROAM garage - labeled on the Downtown Areas Map). Garage parking is free for the first hour and $1.00/hour after. The garage can be accessed by pulling an entry ticket, inserting a credit card into the credit card reader, or through a Value Pass which can be purchased from the MPC. Payment is made when you exit the garage. Hold on to your ticket! The lost ticket fee is $15.00.

4. Pay lot metered parking (Bank Street Lot, New Park Lot, East Front Lot - labeled on the Downtown Areas Map). The charge for parking in pay lots is $1.00/hour for a daily maximum charge of $9.00. Payment can be made using a meter within the pay lot or by using zone 4063 on your Passport App. 

5. Short-term metered parking (spaces highlighted in green/yellow on the Downtown Areas Map). These spaces are intended to be used by people visiting Downtown. They are for quick stops, dining, or shopping and should not be utilized for all day employee or resident parking. The charge for parking in short-term increases with each hour to encourage turnover. The first hour is $1.00 and the rate increases up to $18.50 for a full day of parking. Payments can be made at any meter in the short-term area or using zone 4061 on your Passport App. 

Questions about Downtown employee or resident parking can be submitted through email to or you can call us at (406) 552-6250.