A Place to Call Home: Meeting Missoula's Housing Needs

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A Place to Call Home page Image Opens in new windowThe Missoula City Council adopted a comprehensive city-wide Housing Policy entitled A Place to Call Home: Meeting Missoula’s Housing Needs on June 24th, 2019. The Housing Policy aims to create a cohesive policy and program approach in the City to minimize barriers and provide financial incentives where possible to promote the production and preservation of diverse, healthy, and safe homes that all Missoulians can afford.

Guiding Principles

  • Diversity. A healthy housing market includes options and resources for all Missoulians.
  • Innovation. A commitment to innovation will ensure that this housing policy is as dynamic as the community it aims to serve.
  • Collaboration. Missoula’s housing policy relies on the collaborative spirit of this community and strong public-private partnerships.
  • Achievability. While the goals of this housing policy are ambitious, they are also achievable. They reflect realistic projections of city resources and the opportunities at our disposal.


Homes Build Strong Communities. By providing safe and healthy housing with a diversity of home types and affordability levels, we can support childhood educational success, enable Missoulians to improve our circumstances in the community, support individual and community health, and allow for a robust and thriving local economy.

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