Fair Housing

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Fair Housing Law

Federal and state fair housing laws prohibit discriminatory practices in any industry-related business or transaction that may affect the ability of protected class members to secure housing and/or live in the housing of their choice.

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All grantees of CDBG and HOME funds are required to complete Fair Housing training, and we encourage all housing providers to attend and complete this training. Training is offered through Montana Fair Housing.

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Analysis of Impediments To Fair Housing Choice

The 2014 Missoula Fair Housing Assessment (or Analysis of Impediments) was completed as part of the planning process for cities that receive entitlement funds from the HUD. The AI includes a review of the City’s laws, regulations, administrative policies, procedures, and practices, an assessment of how those laws affect fair housing choices for all protected classes, and an assessment of the availability and accessibility of housing.

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Section 504 and ADA Notice and Grievance Procedures

The City of Missoula has adopted policies and procedures in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.