Affordable Housing Trust Fund

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In 2019, the City of Missoula adopted its housing policy, “A Place to Call Home,” which called for the creation and funding of the Affordable Housing Trust fund (AHTF) to meet the urgent housing needs in the City of Missoula. In the summer of 2020, the Missoula City Council adopted the Affordable Housing Trust Fund ordinance and a funding commitments resolution. The trust fund mechanism plays a role in nearly all the program development activities of the adopted housing policy. It enables the City to secure and reinvest community contributions to housing and capture the value created by land use incentives and other City-driven programs that produce below-market housing. 

Compliance requirements for current Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF) grantees can be found in the AHTF Policies and Procedures Manual.

The Affordable Housing Trust Fund provides direct funding to developers, nonprofits, and organizations to develop projects that create and preserve housing that Missoulians can afford. Funding levels available in the Affordable Housing Fund vary each year depending on the annual budget process. See the following list for examples of projects eligible for funding.

  • Community housing services programs
  • Construction and rehabilitation of rental and homeowner housing
  • Development of accessory dwelling units

Funds will be disbursed on a City of Missoula Fiscal Year basis (July 1st - June 30th). This allows applicants to leverage funding sources, coordinate programming, and help the City maximize efficiency in the administration of funds. Funds not awarded in the annual cycle may be available throughout the year, by invitation from city staff, for projects that cannot wait for the next competitive round of funding.

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AHTF Community Participation GraphicAHTF Eligible Activities

  • New Construction
  • Homeownership at or below 120% AMI 
  • Rentals at or below 80% AMI 
  • Preservation 
  • Small Repair Loans 
  • Multifamily Acquisition
  • Mobile/Manufactured Home Preservation & Infrastructure Assistance
  • Community Land Trust

Consumer Housing Services 

  • Financial/Rental Education and Counseling
  • Housing Education and Counseling
  • Innovative Education and Counseling
  • Community Land Trust Administrative Support
  • Income Certification for City Programs
  • Centralized Housing Solution Fund

The examples do not necessarily represent an all-inclusive list of the possible eligible activities.

Applying for Funding

Once the annual goals for trust fund investments have been established through the annual allocation plan, staff will open a competitive application process for the trust fund.

The timing of the competitive funding cycle will align with other funding cycles administered by CPDI. An application workshop will be hosted in January of each year to open the application period and outline the funding priorities set in the allocation plan, application process, and deadlines. Applicants must submit pre-applications; submissions will be reviewed, and those identified as viable and aligned with the priorities outlined in the annual allocation plan will be invited to submit a complete application. Further instructions can be found in the application guidelines.

Grants and loans will be made from the trust fund. Award terms will be determined per project and specified in the contract. Loan terms will be flexible, both short and long-term, and interest rates will be set based on project needs.


The Affordable Housing Trust Fund by the City of Missoula will be accepting donations from the community through a third-party source. Donations to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund can be made directly to the City of Missoula. In most cases donations to the city can be included for tax deductions but consulting with a tax or financial advisor is recommended.

Area Median Income ( AMI) 

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Area Median Income (AMI)


Annual Reports and Allocation Plan

Annual Housing Assessment Report
Each year, Community Development produces a report tracking housing indicators, population statistics, and market information to guide annual priorities for funding. This report will also include information about outcomes achieved in the prior year through Trust Fund investments.

Affordable Housing Trust Fund Annual Allocation Plan 2022
Based on the information, feedback, and data collected through the housing assessment report and community needs assessment, an Annual Allocation Plan is produced by the Affordable Housing Resident Oversight Committee, setting goals for the upcoming fiscal year for Trust Fund investments.