Houseless Data

Navigating a housing emergency? Call 406-728-1809 or 406-549-Hope for assistance.  Unhoused in Missoula

Aside from the 4 Veteran Family households and 5 Families Under 25, the above numbers are not duplicative, meaning that each individual or family counted in Missoula Coordinated Entry System was only counted once, for a total of 644 individuals and families. For the family count, it is important to note that only the head of households are enrolled in Missoula Coordinated Entry; this total does not include children or the second parent in two-parent households. We separate individuals over 25 and those aged 18-24 because those aged 18-24 are considered Transitional Age Youth with unique service needs and targeted resources.

The first four graphics in this series were created from data pulled on May 8th, 2023. If we were to take a snapshot of what houselessness looked like in Missoula on that one day, this is what we would see. The final image represents six months of housing destination data.

  1. AGE

Age Unhoused in Missoula

The distribution of age amongst unhoused folks in the Missoula Coordinated Entry System is even, with a slight spike for those ages 35-39. Missoula is seeing an increase in the aging population in our Coordinated Entry System, with those aged 60-64 representing the 3rd largest age group. 

  1. Samantha Hilliard
    Missoula Coordinated Entry Specialist 
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