Street Sweeping

Winter Sweeping Program

City crews perform winter street cleaning when temperatures rise above 32 degrees. They follow the snow removal priority routes map, cleaning Priority 1 streets first after temperatures reach 32 degrees. If temperatures stay above 32 degrees, crews will continue to sweep streets in accordance with the snow removal priority list.

Winter street sweeping is necessary for us to comply with air and water quality standards by cleaning up road sand that is not needed for traction during warmer weather.

During the spring, we will clean all streets on the snow removal priority routes before starting on non-priority routes. The spring sweeping schedule will be posted on this page once available.


Did You Know?

The City has two different types of sweepers:

  • A Broom Bear sweeper is used to pick up larger material and has a conveyor belt that collects debris in a hopper and dumps into a dump truck. This is typically used to sweep sand in the spring.
  • The conventional sweeper uses a vacuum to collect smaller debris into a hopper that is emptied out of the back of the sweeper when full.
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