Health Insurance

Message from Allegiance: Effective Tuesday, March 17, 2020

"Allegiance will be closing face-to-face, walk-in Customer Service options in Missoula to minimize personal interaction during the COVID 19 situation.  Call-in assistance will still be available (406-721-2222).  Allegiance is trying to do its part to reduce the chance for this to spread unnecessarily.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."  

ID Cards

Accessing your electronic ID Card is easy! Simply login to and select ‘ID Card Image’ under the Resources tab. After entering your ID number, the image can be saved to your computer or phone for easy access in the future. 


The City of Missoula offers health, dental, and life insurance coverage to full and part-time employees and their dependents. Seasonal employees and retirees are also eligible for coverage. Coverage is effective the first of the pay period following 30 days of employment. The City’s health plan is self-funded with Allegiance Benefit Plan Management serving as the third-party administrator.

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Premiums - Calendar Year 2024 :

Full-time employee monthly premiums:

City ContributionEmployee ContributionSpouseDependent
$0$167.96 $69.18 / per dependent

*Part-time and seasonal employees pay a pro-rated share of the City’s contribution toward the premium.

Retiree monthly premiums: *Life insurance not included in the rates.

City ContributionRetiree ContributionSpouseDependent
$0$1110.10$167.96$69.18 / per dependent

COBRA monthly premiums: *2% Admin Fee Included

City ContributionParticipant ContributionSpouseDependent
$0$795.71$795.71$397.86 / per dependent